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Blogging is  simply the telling of a story that you want to share.
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Everyone kept telling me that my life's up-and-down adventures are interesting stories, and others should hear them. So, my blog is about my lifelong passage that often took me to the very limits of my understanding only to discover a far richer, and far more powerful awareness of love, life and purpose in this thing we call my life.

I wish I had a dollar for every person who has said to me, "You should write a book." Well, this is not a book...yet...but I saw blogging my life stories to be the first step to becoming a book. So, I began writing the book, one chapter at a time, using the blog format. I am sharing the stories that I hold dear and that I have found many have related to, one blog at a time. 
Yes, I designed the logo and the slogan. "From Glam to Gram, Lessons Learned Along The Way."  The reason I call it "Glam to Gram" is because my blogs cover my life from when I was a radio quiz kid at the age of 12, to today, where I am a grandmother...and proud of it! Yes, there were times when my life was "glamorous", and there were many times when I had some of life's worse challenges. The picture with the logo is actually me, back when I was about 16, modeling for the agency that worked with some of the largest cosmetic firms in the world. 

So, I talk about the fashion world when I was a part of it, along with some of my other glamorous modeling photos. I also talk about the "Real Mad Men", which was the world of advertising when I was an intern for one of the largest agencies in the world, out of New York City. 

But, I also talk about family memories, like when my son was born, a blog called "It's a Boy, Then I Died". Which I did. I also talk about Elvis, who I once knew when I was a young preteen, as well as Dick Clark, who was not only a wonderful friend to me when I was in radio as a youngster, but also was my mentor during my college years. He helped me get through a lot of challenges. I was fortunate enough to run into him again when I was a young mother and working again in radio. Are there photos in those blogs? Of course, you should check it out.

I talk about living through a devastating flood at the same time that my father was dying in a hospital. I talk about my days as a young mother, giving a bit of advice. 

The wonderful thing is that so many people have been contacting me about my blog, commenting on my writing skills, about how they relate to my own experiences, and so much more. People from all over the world, in many languages (thank heavens my website program has a translator so I could know exactly what they were saying.

Blogging can be very cathartic. When you create a blog to share with the world, it's like talking with a good friend, sharing thoughts whether fears or celebrations.  I am now pretty much finished with my autobiographical blog, and it is now a book, called  "Reflexions". That is really what it is. See more about it below and there is a link to order it.

Please feel free to go here and check out my blog. Enjoy!

My book "Reflexions, Lessons Learned Along Life's Journey", is now published. This book is based on my blog "From Glam 2 Gram". The story behind my blog initially was a response to so many who wanted me to write a book based on the many interesting experiences that occurred in my life. Because I was still working my business, I didn't have the time to devote to writing a full book all at once. Thus, my blog was born. Because most of my blog is complete, it was time to begin putting it together in book format. Here is the cover. It is available on Amazon.
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And thank you for being so loyal and reading and commenting on my blog for these many years. It was so much fun to create it, and leave something behind that talks about my life and who I was.

"The only gift is a portion of thyself." by Ralph Waldo Emerson. This book is my gift to you.
You can order it here from Amazon.