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Marilyn was born Marilyn Kay Wright in Bath, New York. From a young age, it was obvious that she had a great deal of imagination. She has been writing all of her life, from the time she could hold a pencil. Her life and career focused on the world of advertising in many roles. 

She was one of the originators of some of the more unique marketing vehicles in the nation over many years. As an innovator in the new world of women and leadership, she has proven to create peak performances in startups, small business and non-profits. 

From the beginning of her career at the age of 12 as a radio quiz kid, she has been both in front of the camera and behind the camera as a fashion model, radio and TV show host and program producer. She holds degrees in marketing and business as well as in journalism. Over the past several decades, she has also been a newspaper reporter, creative writer, ad director, entrepreneur, a consultant, a trainer and an authority in the areas of creative marketing and top-notch business performance. She built an ad agency in the '80s, called Pilgrim Associates, located in Rochester, NY, closing it after 12 years. During those years, her name reflected a marriage, Marilyn Wright-Schulz. Today, her name (Marilyn Wright Dayton) reflects another marriage.

Today, her marketing business has been 'retired', but the website has been kept live with many marketing tip articles, available on the  website. She also had a television show for several years in CT, called "From This Corner TV", with a website available, where you can see her hour-long programs. 

She continues to love creative writing and art. She brings that to her research for a book which holds the many secrets and stories of her Wright lineage, called "Our Roots Run Deep", a genealogy book on the Wright family.

Her first published book was a book of short stories which she had written over many decades, called "Beyond, Tales of Life, Mystery and Murder." She also writes an internet blog called "From Glam 2 Gram", which is now available as a book called "RefleXions", available on Amazon. These blogs/chapters are non-fictional, biographical stories from her life, family and career. You can read her blog at

She also has several murder mysteries. Her first series is the Hightower Mysteries. The first one, "Murder on the Mesa", and the second, "The Faces of Murder,"  are both available in Kindle and paperback on Amazon. She also has planned three more to be published in 2024 through 2027, called "Murder on Trial""A Question of Murder", and "Murder on High""Weezie" Hightower, who leads the investigations, is a retired P.I. who lives in a senior home facility, but is still a feisty Irish gal of 5 feet "and 1/8 inch". She and her three other feisty gals, Bitsy, Millie and Crip, love to solve crimes, and keep very busy in this mystery series. You can read more about them on the page HightowerSeries  on this website. A second murder mystery series came out of the Hightower Series, featuring Guy Davis, their friend who is a 'retired' detective/profiler. He has stories of crime/murder mysteries to tell too, in his Guy Davis Mysteries. There will be three books in this series. The first, "A Matter of Time", is now available. The second will be "Never Say Die", and the third will be "The Suicide Murders". See them on the page GuyDavisSeries.     She is also writing two books on TRIVIA. You can see them here.

There is more information on the books that she has written on the Books page on this site. And there is information on her blog as well as a link on the Blog page.

The photos on the right are also linked to each of the websites, for the marketing articles, the blog and the television show. Please feel free to check those out.

You can reach Marilyn via email at

Also, in May, 2024, she will be sharing her insights on
creative writing through her short-form video series,
Take A Minute With M. Her website is available by clicking
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