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Coming in 2024!   "Never Say Die", A Guy Davis Mystery, Book 2

"Who killed these young women?" 

This is the second book in a new series, the Guy Davis Mysteries. Guy Davis is one of the main characters in the Hightower Mystery series, where he is a retired detective and current security director in the senior facility that the Hightower "Cackle Gang" live. Before he retired, Detective Guy Davis had many cases, most of which he solved while assisting other police forces around the country. 

This case is one that he helped solve in Louisiana, a case where the first three young women were murdered by an evolving serial killer. Read about how he was called in as a detective/profiler to help with the case, and about how he solved this case. He was working alongside Louisiana State Police Sergeant T-Jean (Little John) Pettijean and Rob "GeeTar" Gautier, retired green beret and police investigator, two Cajun crime solvers that you met in my book "Beyond" book of short stories. 

In this book, we will read about how "GeeTar" and Guy Davis met during the Vietnam War, where one of them saved the other's life. And now they work a case together, bringing up some painful memories, but reviving a close friendship.

When you think the case is solved, there is a complication - in the form of another dead young woman, with the same M.O. How did that happen? How could their suspect kill another while he was locked up in their jail?

 "A Matter of Time", a Guy Davis Mystery-Available NOW on Amazon kindle/book!

"A Who-Done-It Of The Highest Order" 

A Matter of Time is the first book in the new series, the Guy Davis Mysteries, from before the Hightower Mysteries. Here, he is a Detective, who follows the crime, no matter where it is. Guy is working with the police in Detroit, who have called him in as a Detective, especially because he has been trained as a Profiler. His reputation has extended beyond his hometown of New York City. 

Here he is again living out of a suitcase. He is beginning to get used to it. 

He is trying to pull himself together after the pain of a major tragedy in his personal life. But he has a long way to go. Can he concentrate on solving this case? It could just save him. 

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Coming in 2025!   "The Suicide Murders", A Guy Davis Mystery, Book 3

"Are these really suicides, or could they be...?" 

This is the third book in a new series, the Guy Davis Mysteries. Before he retired, Detective/Profiler Guy Davis had many cases, most of which he solved while assisting other police forces around the country. 

This time, he is baffled by a series of suicides in New York City. But he has a 'feeling' that there is too much about them that is 'similar'. Could they perhaps actually be murders - murders that are made to look like suicides?

It is up to Guy and his partner to figure it out. Where does their investigation lead them? And what does a noted hypnotist have to do with it all?

This story has it all - intrigue, explosive crime, unexpected clues, and a lot of danger!!

The Guy Davis Murder Mystery Series came as a "spinoff series" from the Hightower Murder Mysteries. That series is about four feisty 70-ish women who love to solve crimes together, led by Weezie Hightower, a retired P.I.

Guy Davis is the humble chief of security at the same facility and friends with the four women crime solvers. He is a retired detective and profiler from the New York City Police Department. His work has taken him all over the country to work with local PDs to solve murder mysteries.

These books are taken from three of those stories. The first one, "A Matter of Time" takes place in Detroit, Michigan. The second, "Never Say Die" takes place in New Orleans, where he works alongside a man that Guy knew during wartime. Some painful memories surface, but they revive their former close friendship. The third one is about a series of "suicides" that take place in New York City. Those "suicides" are questionable to Guy, so he must prove to himself that his suspicions are right.