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I have always loved fiction. It has the power to enlarge our humanity. It can show us other faces of suffering, can change our perspective with new ideas and experiences. And through fiction, we can bear witness to a democracy in writing, of opening ourselves up to all the discomforts of contrary perceptions, feelings, guilts, improprieties of thought, and working through them somehow with language to find some sort of fact.  Something may happen and be a lie, another thing may not happen and seem truer than the truth. It's as if both writer and reader are trying to get at actuality, whether it is a real occurrence or not.

And so, I share with you fictional short stories I have written over many years. They talk of four friends in a nursing home who solve mysteries. There are stories of murder on the Bayou, complete with the Cajun lingo...very fun to say out loud. Two of the stories are more of a reflection of life in a different place with a different time. Time travel? Fiction? Maybe, maybe not. I hope you enjoy these stories, that take you away to somewhere interesting, somewhere different, away from your daily thoughts and dreams. Travel with me through the Tales of Life, Mystery & Murder!  

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"Our Roots Run Deep", the wRightSide Family History 

Through many plastic totes of information, I was able to trace our family directly back to the days of the Vikings, through the Norman Conquest, the War of 1066, and so much more. Inside this book are included also many historical aspects that show what life was like during each time period. There is even a branch of our family that goes back to Eric the Forester. He was the brother of Eric the Red, and uncle to Leif Ericson (Eric's son) who originally discovered North America.

This book was 50 years in the making, a labor of love and dedication to our family, my father's ancestors, the Wrights. How proud I am of him, as he found a link to life that was beyond his dreams, and beyond mine. Click on the book cover on the left and see the video.

Everyone should do genealogical research. It opens your eyes to who you really are, and how you became who you are. Fascinating. Find your ancestors. It is an amazing journey, one well worth taking.

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My book "Reflexions, Lessons Learned Along Life's Journey", is now available on Amazon. 

This book is based on my blog "From Glam 2 Gram", (see more on the Blog page here). Stories are merely memories given a certain tangibility with words, and it only takes a few words to subsume a memory completely. Many have told me to write a book based on stories from my life, which, to be truthful has been quite an adventure. This blog has now become a book, "Reflexions. Click on the Book Cover on the right for the Promo Video.

For more on my blog, you can go to Also, take a look at the blog page here on my website.

And thank you for being so loyal and reading and commenting on my blog for these many years. It was so much fun to create it, and leave something behind that talks about my life and who I was.  Order Here

 "Murder On The Mesa", Hightower Mystery Book One is       NOW available!

"Think Murder She Wrote, Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot - All Rolled Into One!"

This is 'edge of your seat' reading, with 'engrossing characters'. Solving crime has no age limit. Meet four ladies who are in their 70's, led by Weezie Hightower, retired Private Investigator. Weezie and Guy Davis, retired detective, head across country to Arizona, and solve a murder mystery that has SEVEN suspects. And it only takes them SEVEN days to solve it.

"Heartbreaking But Intriguing!"



NOW on Amazon:  "The Faces of Murder", A Hightower Mystery, Book Two

"What's in a face? Or faces??"

There is something in a person's eyes that you cannot see anywhere else in the world. Something haunting and unsettling. Names can come and go, but not the faces. You don't forget a face, especially one that reflects a dead person. Or two.

Join the four ladies who live in a nursing home, but love to solve murders and mystery. Led by "Weezie" Hightower, they set out to help solve a multi-murder mystery. Who are these dead people? And who killed them?

This is the second murder mystery novel in the Hightower Mystery Series, based on characters in several short stories written by the author Marilyn Wright Dayton. Follow along and join these four 'feisty' seniors as they pool their thoughts and ideas as they search for the answers.

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Coming in 2023! "Murder on Trial", A Hightower Mystery, Book Three 

"Did he really do it? How do we prove he did...or didn't??"

A young man is on trial for murder. There are almost too many clues...what is the real story? Retired P. I. "Weezie" Hightower and her three senior friends, who also live in the nursing home, find the story confusing as they work together to solve the mystery before the verdict that would send him to his death.

This is the third murder mystery novel in the Hightower Mystery Series, based on characters in several short stories written by the author Marilyn Wright Dayton. Follow along and join these four 'feisty' seniors as they pool their thoughts and ideas as they search for the answers.

Coming in 2024!  "A Question of Murder", A Hightower Mystery, Book Four

The case is cold...VERY cold. 

Jake Hightower brings in his aunt "Weezie", retired P. I., to help solve a case she and her late husband had worked on a couple of decades ago. There was always that question..."was it murder or suicide?" When Weezie and her husband first worked on this case, Weezie's life was in danger...she was kidnapped and was saved at the last minute by the FBI. In this book, she relives this harrowing experience, and almost feels afraid to get involved again.

In this riveting mystery, a stubborn group of elderly women who love to solve mysteries help Jake and "Weezie" disprove the original claim of suicide for a reawakened crime. Was it the first in a series of murders? Other's lives could be at stake. Is Weezie in danger again??

This is the fourth murder mystery novel in the Hightower Mystery Series, based on characters in several short stories written by the author Marilyn Wright Dayton. Follow along and join these four 'feisty' seniors as they pool their thoughts and ideas as they search for the answers.

Coming 2025! "Murder on High", A Hightower Mystery, Book Five

"I can't breathe! Someone help me!" 

No one expects to find dead bodies on a plane, but that is what happens to Bitsy, and her screams sound even louder up in the clouds. Bitsy and her three friends are taking a small holiday that will not end up as planned. Leading them in solving this mystery is "Weezie" Hightower, retired P. I. What they find could put their lives in danger, and will give them nightmares for a long time.

This is the fifth murder mystery novel in the Hightower Mystery Series, based on characters in several short stories written by the author Marilyn Wright Dayton. Follow along and join these four 'feisty' seniors as they pool their thoughts and ideas as they search for the answers.

Order here! My book. "Beyond 2", Strange But True Short Stories.

This is a collection of tales that are "Strange But True", based on real life experiences. Each story is different, from a different person. People who are normal, sane, who perhaps didn't believe that something like this could happen. Strange dreams. Deja vu. Shadows in the night. Premonitions of disaster. Click on the Book Cover on the Left to see the Promo Video.

The similarities are in how extraordinary the stories are. Some are about ghosts, visitations, visitors or visions, or premonitions. Do these 'story tellers' believe that such things could happen? They do now.

Come along with us, and see what you believe. The more you read, the more you will believe...
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Order Now!   "The Hollow Soul". (Available in Kindle and Paperback)

Award-Winning Novel - Selected TOP PICK by

"LOVE or GREED - which one is stronger?"

Joseph Pahana is a man pure of heart and soul who loves the people, and they love him. And he falls in love with beautiful Maya. All seems well. UNTIL...
    - He decides to run for President.
    - He becomes blind to his ambition.
    - The politicians turn against him.
Can the future haunt you, even before you've lived it? Joseph becomes burdened by his own decency and fells the need to save everyone he can.

He has everything to gain - and everything to lose.

This book is an elixir of authenticity and passion. His passion for his people and his passion for Maya. When you have love in your life - love of others, love of self - you become a complete soul. When you stray from that love, you become a "hollow soul".

"Riveting! Intriguing! Engrossing!
"Nothing could make me put this book down!"

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Coming in late 2022! A Fictional Treat. "The Knowing Tree".

"A Tree That Has Many Stories To Tell"

"LIFE" goes on all around us and we don't usually think very much about the ground, in the air, in the water, in the plant life. This is the story of one tree - a witness to history, to love, to sorrow, to death. It tell us what "she" witnesses over several centuries - how she watches, how she knows - the life of many under her protective branches, even messages written on her "skin"...

We learn about lives, wars, loves found and lost, family and friends who meet again after decades and witness their changes, but yet how they have stayed the same. We can simply read and enjoy, or we can feel the emotions, full of history, that could change our own lives.

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                                         Exciting news!!  The series of five in the Hightower Murder Mysteries.

"Solving crimes has no age limit."

The Hightower Mystery Series are stories of several engrossing characters, who are in their early 70's, known as the "Cackle Gang", who along with their chief of security Guy Davis, retired detective, have several adventures solving mysterious deaths. Their 'office' is the senior living facility, but they go where the crimes need them to, whether across the country or near 'home.'

Bitsy Sutton is a retired dancer/actress who is a quirky, 'ditsy' redhead who wears too much makeup and too-young-for-her clothes, a bit of a drama queen. Millie Swartout has always been a mother/grandmother and is a calming force to the other gals. Crip Cripton is a retired school teacher, who lives in a wheelchair all day, but is a funny, delightful character who still 'teaches' others.
They join Weezie Hightower, retired Private Investigator, solving crimes. 

"Fun! Inventive! Engrossing Stories and Characters!"

                                                 Check out the promotional video for the Hightower Mysteries here.

The "HOLLOW SOUL" is in its third printing and has a new "look", a new cover. Same book, just better looking!!
Coming in 2023!   "Never Say Die", A Guy Davis Mystery, Book 2

"Who killed these young women?" 

This is the second book in a new series, the Guy Davis Mysteries. Guy Davis is one of the main characters in the Hightower Mystery series, where he is a retired detective and current security director in the senior facility that the Hightower "Cackle Gang" live. Before he retired, Detective Guy Davis had many cases, most of which he solved while assisting other police forces around the country. 

This case is one that he helped solve in Louisiana, a case where the first three young women were murdered by an evolving serial killer. As a detective called in to help with the case, read about how he solves this case, working alongside Louisiana State Police Sergeant T-Jean (Little John) Pettijean and Rob "GeeTar" Gautier, retired green beret and police investigator, two Cajun crime solvers that you met in my book "Beyond". In this book, we will read about how "GeeTar" and Guy Davis met during the Vietnam War, where one of them saved the other's life. And now they work a case together, bringing up some painful memories, but reviving a close friendship.

When you think the case is solved, there is a complication - in the form of another dead young woman, with the same M.O. How did that happen? How could their suspect kill another while he was locked up in their jail?

 "A Matter of Time", a Guy Davis Mystery-Available NOW on Amazon kindle/book!

"Another Who-Done-It Of The Highest Order" 

Guy Davis in the first book in the new series, the Guy Davis Mysteries, has a story from the years before the Hightower Mysteries. He is a Detective, who follows the crime, no matter where it is. Guy is working with the police in Detroit, who have called him in as a Detective who has been trained as a Profiler. His reputation has extended beyond his hometown of New York City, and here he is again living out of a suitcase. He is beginning to get used to it. 

He is just beginning to pull himself together after the pain of a major tragedy in his personal life. But he has a long way to go. Can he concentrate on solving this case? It could just save him. 

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Available Now on Amazon!  "The Other Side of Her Mountain"

How can you find happiness after a decade of unhappiness as a child?

This is the story of a young lady of ten years of age who must use her resilience and strength to climb out of her painful past to find a new way to live, a new way to think, a new way to love.

Her life with her parents was full of pain, of being neglected of being unimportant. Then a tragedy brings her a chance to a new beginning at the age of ten. She must climb over to the other side of the mountain to find it.

This is a fictionalized memoir of a famous writer who took her lifetime to decide to share something painful from her past, as a short autobiography. Sometimes you need to crawl up, through, and over to offer yourself a new life that even has a small chance of happiness.​
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Coming in 2025!   "The Suicide Murders", A Guy Davis Mystery, Book 3

"Are these really suicides, or could they be...?" 

This will be the third book in a new series, the Guy Davis Mysteries. Before he retired, Detective/Profiler Guy Davis had many cases, most of which he solved while assisting other police forces around the country. 

This time, he is baffled by a series of suicides in New York City. But he has a 'feeling' that there is too much about them that is 'similar', could they perhaps actually be murders? Several murders that are made to look like suicides? It is up to Guy and his partner to figure it out. Where does their investigation lead them? And what does a noted hypnotist have to do with it all?