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This website focuses on my creative writing, both fiction and non-fiction. The two formats I have been using are both books (flash fiction, memoir, genealogy, fictional thriller and murder mysteries) and blogging. 

Writing is an interchange of electrical currents through language. Take that old, material tool called language, found all about you, blank with familiarity, smeared with daily use, and make it into something that means more than it says. There is so much power in that.

As writers, we have to, in a way, be arrogant in our work. We have to have a selfish faith in ourselves, and a wish, a desire to make something that's good and true. And we need to ignore critics, and sometimes go beyond the political, and be strong in our words and opinions as witnesses of our current reality. Be open, be sure of ourselves and our words. And write something that holds and stands and carries us a bit further toward our destinies.

My writing has always carried me beyond myself, and thoughts would appear so quickly and magically as to threaten to flee beyond my memory of them. Today, now, I write as fast as I can type. Tomorrow, those same thoughts could be gone, and no effort of would bring them back again. When I was younger, I wrote as though possessed by some crazed demon, newly born and fresh. And I hoped that my words would affect others who read them and understood, while clamoring for more.

And so, I share with you my books and my blog. The books have been written over many years, several decades, but remained unpublished until now. The Book page  (with links to the other book specialty pages) tells you more about my books, both published and those still in process. I hope you enjoy these, that they take you away to somewhere interesting, somewhere different, away from your daily thoughts and dreams.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts and reactions.

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I love to read...
Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn ...
I love to write...
"I believe in Books. I believe in Reading. I believe in Writing ...throughout my life, my first loves have continued to be creative writing and art."
                      Marilyn Wright Dayton

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